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Name Ramóna

Origin:From Old High German words for advice and protection, protectorTools:

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About the name Ramóna in particular

Languages of use:Hungarian
US 2021 rank:not in the Top 1000; other popularity lists see below
Similarly written:Ramona, Ramon, Ramón, Samona, Alona, Amina, Amna, Amora, Damon, Damond     Details
Group info:

About Raymond/Ramona, the group of names with the same origin as Ramóna

Language of origin:Old High German
Info about origin, male:old Germanic dithematic name
Words:ragin = the advice  Old High German
 munt = the protection, the protector  Old High German
Topics:Two-element name
Variants' top ranks:1:Ramón Paraguay 2014,  4:Ramona Paraguay 2014,  11:Raimundo Brazil 2013,  15:Raymond England+Wales 1934,  34:Ramóna Hungary 2009,  41:Ramon Switzerland/German 2000,  89:Rajmund Hungary 2003,  147:Ray USA 1960-1969,  678:Raymundo USA 1994
Somehow related to:Reiko
Old/original forms:Raginmund Old High German
Name variants:Raimunda, Raimunde, Ramona, Ramóna, Raymonde, Raimond, Raimondo, Raimund, Raimundo, Rajmund, Ramon, Ramón, Ray, Raymond, Raymundo, Rei, Reimund   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Ramóna

HungaryGraph2015 97,  2014 92,  2013 66,  2012 49,  2011 43,  2010 45,  2009 342008 45,  2007 43,  2006 41,  2005 42,  2004 46,  2003 51,  2002 66