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Name Mat

Meaning:the praiseworthyTools:

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About the name Mat in particular

Languages of use:Malay
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Mac, Mad, Mae, Maé, Mai, Maï, Maj, Maj, Mak, Mar     Details
Group info:

About Muhammad, the group of names with the same origin as Mat

Meaning/translation:the praiseworthy
Language of origin:Arabic
Info about origin:known from Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam (570 to 632 AD)
 this name together with all its variants is the most popular name in the Islamic world and thus probably the most popular in the world
Words:muhammad = praiseworthy  Arabic
Variants' top ranks:1:Muhammad India 2022,  1:Mohamed Malaysia 2016,  2:Mohammad Iran 2019,  3:Mahammad Azerbaijan 2008,  7:Muhammed Turkey 2014,  10:Muhamed Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010,  16:Mohammed England+Wales 2008,  29:Muhammet Turkey 2007
Name variants:Mad, Mahammad, Mamat, Mat, Mohamed, Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhamed, Muhammad, Muhammed, Muhammet   Sortable list   Details