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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2014

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Netherlands 2014
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2015
Previous list:2013
Highest new entries:Morris (new at 68),  James (new at 75),  Timo (new at 82),  Aiden (new at 92),  Hendrik (new at 95)
Largest rises:Senn +47 (now at 46),  Vince +32 (now at 32),  Mason +21 (now at 68),  Tobias +19 (now at 68),  Niek +19 (now at 57)
Largest falls:Nick -44 (now at 100),  Stan -20 (now at 78),  Damian -18 (now at 86),  Johannes -18 (now at 85),  Jelle -18 (now at 89)

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1Daanup 3Graph
2Bramup 1Graph
3Milanup 3Graph
4Finnup 1Graph
5Sem    down 4Graph
6Lucasup 1Graph
7Luukup 1Graph
8Levi    down 6Graph
9Liamup 8Graph
10Noahup 4Graph
11Jayden    down 1Graph
12Tim    down 1Graph
13Thomas    down 1Graph
14Jesse    down 5Graph
15Thijs    down 2Graph
16Maxup 5Graph
17Julian    down 2Graph
18Ruben    down 2Graph
19Lars    down 1Graph
20Meesup 2Graph
21Sam    down 1Graph
22Stijn    down 3Graph
23Siemup 1Graph
24Benjaminup 1Graph
25Tygoup 9Graph
26Gijsup 1Graph
27Sven    down 4Graph
28Lucaup 5Graph
29Hugoup 8Graph
30Adam    down 4Graph
31Jensup 1Graph
32Vinceup 32Graph
33Dexup 1Graph
33Mats    down 2Graph
35Jan    down 6Graph
36Teun    down 8Graph
37Noudup 2Graph
37Ryan    down 1Graph
39David    down 1Graph
40Tijn    down 10Graph
41Floris    down 1Graph
42Jurre    down 1Graph
43Casup 3Graph
44Boazup 1Graph
45Daniƫlup 1Graph
46Sennup 47Graph
47Tiesup 2Graph
48Joep    down 6Graph
49Olivier    down 6Graph
50Jackup 12Graph
51Guus    down 7Graph
52Roanup 1Graph
53Jasonup 13Graph
53Tom Graph
55Dani    down 5Graph
55Deanup 4Graph
57Niekup 19Graph
58Dylan    down 8Graph
59Pimup 2Graph
59Willem    down 7Graph
61Pepijn    down 13Graph
62Koen    down 7Graph
63Mohamed    down 4Graph
64Thijmen    down 7Graph
65Mohammedup 15Graph
65Nathanup 5Graph
67Alexanderup 14Graph
68Feddeup 10Graph
68Masonup 21Graph
68Morrisnew Graph
68Tobiasup 19Graph
72Basup 2Graph
72Samuelup 3Graph
74Jasper    down 3Graph
75Casperup 15Graph
75Jamesnew Graph
77Xavi    down 9Graph
78Hidde    down 14Graph
78Stan    down 20Graph
80Joeyup 8Graph
80Pieter    down 17Graph
82Timonew Graph
83Niels    down 12Graph
84Quinn    down 3Graph
85Johannes    down 18Graph
86Damian    down 18Graph
87Jorisup 6Graph
88Owenup 11Graph
89Jelle    down 18Graph
89Jipup 7Graph
91Rayan    down 15Graph
92Aidennew Graph
93Mick    down 15Graph
93Robin    down 9Graph
95Hendriknew Graph
96Joshua    down 11Graph
97Daleynew Graph
98Cornelis Graph
99Simon    down 14Graph
100Nick    down 44Graph
100Stefnew Graph