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Most Prevalent Names Denmark 2015

Description:Female given names ranked according to their prevalence in the whole population of Denmark, based on 2015 data
Source:Danmarks Statistik
Series:Denmark prevalence
Following list:-
Previous list:2005
Highest new entries:Louise (new at 17),  Tina (new at 20)
Largest rises:Maria +7 (now at 9),  Camilla +4 (now at 15)
Largest falls:Karen -5 (now at 12),  Jette -2 (now at 19)

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Note: The following is not a list of popular baby names. Those lists are here.   Info Prevalence versus Popularity

RankName+/- Denmark 2005Graph
1Anneup 1Graph
2Kirsten    down 1Graph
3Hanne Graph
4Mette Graph
5Anna Graph
6Helle Graph
7Susanneup 1Graph
8Leneup 1Graph
9Mariaup 7Graph
10Marianneup 3Graph
11Inge    down 1Graph
12Karen    down 5Graph
13Loneup 2Graph
14Bente Graph
15Camillaup 4Graph
16Piaup 2Graph
17Louisenew Graph
18Charlotteup 2Graph
19Jette    down 2Graph
20Tinanew Graph