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Babynames.ch offers two very different types of lists that rank names:

The first type of list ranks names according to the number of newborns of a certain time period: The name that was used the most times among the newborns gets the first rank. This website uses the term popularity for this.

Most websites about baby names, naturally, offer only those lists based on names of babies, and this is surely also the type of list that most people are interested in.

There is however a second type of list that ranks names according to the number of people over whole populations, from newborns to the oldest persons still alive, that carry a certain name. This website uses the term prevalence for this.

As preferences for names change with surprising speed, those "prevalence" lists typically contain many names that today are considered "old-fashioned", and popularity lists and prevalence lists usually contain very different sets of names, even for the same country in the same year.