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Most Popular Names Austria/Vienna 2020

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the city of Vienna, Austria 2020
Source:Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Abteilung 61 (Standesämter & Staatsbürgerschaft)
Following list:-
Previous list:2019
Highest new entries:Arthur (new at 30),  Luca (new at 31),  Andrej (new at 38),  Jonathan (new at 38),  Oliver (new at 43)
Largest rises:Mateo +21 (now at 18),  Jonas +16 (now at 23),  Emil +14 (now at 14),  Filip +13 (now at 15),  Liam +10 (now at 23)
Largest falls:Anton -19 (now at 43),  Luis -13 (now at 31),  Konstantin -13 (now at 46),  Adrian -12 (now at 40),  Leo -10 (now at 26)

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2David    down 1Graph
3Eliasup 5Graph
4Noah Graph
5Felixup 1Graph
6Leon    down 3Graph
7Alexander    down 2Graph
8Benjaminup 5Graph
8Jakobup 1Graph
10Theodorup 1Graph
11Adam    down 1Graph
12Paul    down 5Graph
13Lukaup 5Graph
14Emilup 14Graph
15Filipup 13Graph
16Julian    down 5Graph
17Lukas Graph
18Mateoup 21Graph
18Tobias    down 5Graph
20Moritz    down 2Graph
20Samuelup 3Graph
20Valentin    down 5Graph
23Jonasup 16Graph
23Liamup 10Graph
25Simon Graph
26Leo    down 10Graph
27Matteoup 6Graph
28Daniel    down 7Graph
29Raphaelup 4Graph
30Arthurnew Graph
31Fabian    down 9Graph
31Lucanew Graph
31Luis    down 13Graph
31Viktor    down 5Graph
35Oskar    down 7Graph
35Theoup 9Graph
37Gabriel    down 5Graph
38Andrejup 12Graph
38Jonathannew Graph
40Adrian    down 12Graph
40Sebastianup 2Graph
42Michael Graph
43Anton    down 19Graph
43Olivernew Graph
45Philippnew Graph
46Konstantin    down 13Graph
47Alinew Graph
47Hamzanew Graph
47Levinew Graph
50Dominik    down 4Graph