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Name Eveliina

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About the name Eveliina in particular

Languages of use:Finnish
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Evelina, Avelina, Emelina, Evelin, Evelín, Eveline     Details
Group info:

About Evelyn, the group of names with the same origin as Eveliina

Language of origin:Old French
Info about origin:derives from the Old French/Norman name Aveline which is a diminutive of Avila, a variant of Ava
 the meaning is not known for sure, maybe from Latin avis (bird)
Words:avis = the bird  Latin
Variants' top ranks:5:Evelina Latvia 2009,  9:Evelyn USA 2021,  19:Evelin Hungary 2004,  77:Evelín Mexico 2010,  96:Evellyn Brazil 2013,  289:Eveline Switzerland 1997,  311:Evelynn USA 2019,  430:Evelyne Switzerland 1997,  759:Avalynn USA 2020,  832:Evalyn USA 2014
Somehow related to:Ava, Eileen
Old/original forms:Aveline Old French
Name variants:Avalyn, Avalynn, Evalyn, Eveliina, Evelin, Evelín, Evelina, Eveline, Evellyn, Evelyn, Evelyne, Evelynn   Sortable list   Details