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Topic Scrabble

Description:Given names allowed to be used in German Scrabble, although the rules forbid names in general, because the names have a second entry in the Duden lexicon as German word, or they are a form of a word with such an entry
NameGroupLanguage of OriginLanguages of UseMeaning/Translation or Related WordsUS 2021
AdeleAdelaOld High GermanGermanWords: noble, honorable#814
AlbertAlbert/AlbertaOld High GermanGerman, French, EnglishWords: noble, honorable / bright#564
AlkeAdelheidOld High GermanGerman, Low Germanof a noble kind 
AndrĂ©Andrew/AndreaOld GreekFrenchthe manly, the brave 
AngelikaAngelicaLatinGermanangelic, like an angel 
AnnaAnnaHebrewGerman, Italian, Scandinavian, English, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Greek, HungarianHe (God) was gracious#84
AugustAugust/AugustaLatinGerman, Polishthe august, the dignified#121
AugusteAugust/AugustaLatinGermanthe august, the dignified 
AugusteAugust/AugustaLatinFrenchthe august, the dignified