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Name Heda

Origin:From Old High German words for fight, battle and fight, battle, warTools:

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About the name Heda in particular

Languages of use:Scandinavian
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Beda, Eda, Eda, Hedda, Hede, Hedi, Hedi, Hédi, Hedy, Hera     Details
Group info:

About Hedwig, the group of names with the same origin as Heda

Language of origin:Old High German
Words:hadu = the fight, the battle  Old High German
 wig = the fight, the battle, the war  Old High German
Topics:Two-element name
Variants' top ranks:15:Hedda Norway 2001,  17:Jadwiga Poland 2012,  65:Hedvig Norway 2019,  75:Hédi Hungary 2018,  89:Hedwig Germany 2005
Old/original forms:Haduwig Old High German
Name variants:Edvige, Edwige, Heda, Hedda, Hede, Hedi, Hédi, Hedvig, Hedvika, Hedwig, Hedwige, Hedy, Helvi, Hetty, Jadwiga   Sortable list   Details