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Most Popular Names Poland 2009

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Poland 2009
Source:MSWiA (Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnetrznych i Administracji / Polish ministry of the interior and administration)
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Lena (new at 9),  Magdalena (new at 16),  Maria (new at 21),  Nadia (new at 22),  Kinga (new at 23)
Largest rises:Hanna +3 (now at 17),  Maja +2 (now at 2),  Zofia +2 (now at 11),  Amelia +1 (now at 6)
Largest falls:Karolina -3 (now at 18),  Anna -2 (now at 14),  Weronika -2 (now at 13),  Martyna -2 (now at 12),  Gabriela -2 (now at 19)

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1Julia Graph
2Majaup 2Graph
3Zuzanna Graph
4Wiktoria    down 2Graph
5Oliwia Graph
6Ameliaup 1Graph
7Natalia    down 1Graph
8Aleksandra Graph
9Lenanew Graph
10Nikola    down 1Graph
11Zofiaup 2Graph
12Martyna    down 2Graph
13Weronika    down 2Graph
14Anna    down 2Graph
15Emilia    down 1Graph
16Magdalenanew Graph
17Hannaup 3Graph
18Karolina    down 3Graph
19Gabriela    down 2Graph
20Alicja    down 1Graph
21Maria    down 3Graph
22Nadianew Graph
23Kinganew Graph
24Paulinanew Graph
25Milenanew Graph
26Patrycja    down 10Graph
27Klaudianew Graph
28Agatanew Graph
29Martanew Graph
30Lauranew Graph
31Dominikanew Graph
32Katarzynanew Graph
33Antoninanew Graph
34Malgorzatanew Graph
35Michalinanew Graph
36Darianew Graph
37Roksananew Graph
38Kornelianew Graph
39Joannanew Graph
40Iganew Graph
41Kamilanew Graph
42Jagodanew Graph
43Sandranew Graph
44Ninanew Graph
45Izabelanew Graph
46Polanew Graph
47Barbaranew Graph
48Malwinanew Graph
49Justynanew Graph
50Blankanew Graph