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Most Popular Names Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018
Source:Bosna i Hercegovina, Federalni Zavod Za Statistiku / Bosnia and Herzegovina, Institute for Statistics of FB&H
Series:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Following list:2019
Previous list:2017
Highest new entries:Iman (new at 17),  Ilma (new at 20)
Largest rises:Una +6 (now at 12),  Esma +6 (now at 4)
Largest falls:Ajla -7 (now at 19),  Ajna -4 (now at 15)

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1Saraup 2Graph
2Amina    down 1Graph
3Merjem    down 1Graph
4Asja Graph
4Esmaup 6Graph
6Lejlaup 3Graph
7Ema    down 1Graph
8Lamija    down 3Graph
9Hana    down 1Graph
10Emina    down 3Graph
11Ajsaup 4Graph
12Unaup 6Graph
13Adna Graph
14Nejla Graph
15Ajna    down 4Graph
16Sajraup 3Graph
17Imannew Graph
18Amna    down 2Graph
19Ajla    down 7Graph
20Ilmanew Graph