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Most Popular Names Armenia 2020

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Armenia 2020
Source:National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia
Following list:2021
Previous list:2019
Highest new entries:Leo (new at 17),  Hovhannes (new at 19)
Largest rises:Monte +11 (now at 5),  Daniel +4 (now at 13)
Largest falls:Gor -6 (now at 15),  Aram -4 (now at 18)

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1Davit Graph
2Narek Graph
3Hayk Graph
4Mark Graph
5Monteup 11Graph
6Tigran    down 1Graph
7Aregup 4Graph
8Miqayel    down 1Graph
9Alex    down 3Graph
9Alenup 3Graph
11Artur    down 3Graph
12Aren    down 2Graph
13Danielup 4Graph
14Armen    down 1Graph
15Gor    down 6Graph
16Samvel    down 1Graph
17Leonew Graph
18Aram    down 4Graph
19Hovhannesnew Graph
19Arman Graph