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Most Popular Names Austria/Vienna 2007

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the city of Vienna, Austria 2007
Source:Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Abteilung 61 (Standesämter & Staatsbürgerschaft)
Following list:2008
Previous list:2006
Highest new entries:Luka (new at 28),  Muhammed (new at 29),  Nikola (new at 29)
Largest rises:Fabian +9 (now at 12),  Julian +7 (now at 6),  Leon +5 (now at 11),  Marko +4 (now at 26),  Jakob +4 (now at 14)
Largest falls:Marcel -6 (now at 18),  Florian -5 (now at 13),  Simon -5 (now at 16),  Stefan -5 (now at 20),  Michael -4 (now at 23)

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1David Graph
2Maximilianup 1Graph
3Alexander Graph
4Danielup 1Graph
5Lukas    down 3Graph
6Julianup 7Graph
7Paul Graph
8Sebastian    down 3Graph
9Felixup 1Graph
10Tobias    down 1Graph
11Leonup 5Graph
12Fabianup 9Graph
13Florian    down 5Graph
14Jakobup 4Graph
15Benjamin    down 1Graph
16Dominikup 1Graph
16Simon    down 5Graph
18Marcel    down 6Graph
18Moritzup 1Graph
20Stefan    down 5Graph
21Matthiasup 3Graph
21Raphaelup 3Graph
23Michael    down 4Graph
24Elias    down 2Graph
25Philipp    down 2Graph
26Markoup 4Graph
27Noahup 1Graph
28Lukanew Graph
29Muhammednew Graph
29Nikolanew Graph