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Topic Germanic mythology

Description:Names from the realm of Germanic, especially Nordic mythology and the world of Germanic gods
NameGroupLanguage of OriginLanguages of UseMeaning/Translation or Related WordsUS 2021
AlberichAlberichOld High GermanGermanWords: elf / rich, powerful, power 
AlbericoAlberichOld High GermanSpanish, ItalianWords: elf / rich, powerful, power 
AskAskOld NorseScandinavianash tree 
AstaAstridOld NorseGerman, ScandinavianWords: ase, deity / beautiful 
ÁstaAstridOld NorseIcelandicWords: ase, deity / beautiful 
AstridAstridOld NorseGerman, ScandinavianWords: ase, deity / beautiful#438
AubreyAlberichOld High GermanEnglishWords: elf / rich, powerful, power 
BalderBaldurOld NorseGerman, EnglishWords: bold, brave / bold, brave 
BaldrBaldurOld NorseScandinavianWords: bold, brave / bold, brave 
BaldurBaldurOld NorseGermanWords: bold, brave / bold, brave 
BragaBragiOld NorseScandinavianthe best, the highest 
BrageBragiOld NorseScandinavianthe best, the highest 
BragiBragiOld NorseScandinavianthe best, the highest 
EirEirOld NorseScandinavianhelp, mercy 
EiraEirOld NorseScandinavianhelp, mercy 
EirinEirOld NorseScandinavianhelp, mercy 
EmblaEmblaOld NorseScandinavian, IcelandicWords: elm 
ErleJarl/ErleOld NorseScandinavianearl 
FokkoVolkerOld High GermanFrisianWords: folk, war band / army, warrior 
FrayaFreyaOld NorseEnglishmistress, lady 
FreiaFreyaOld NorseGerman, Scandinavianmistress, lady 
FrejaFreyaOld NorseGerman, Scandinavianmistress, lady 
FreyaFreyaOld NorseGerman, Scandinavian, Englishmistress, lady#152
FreyjaFreyaOld NorseIcelandicmistress, lady#709
FrøyaFreyaOld NorseScandinavianmistress, lady 
GefionGefionOld NorseScandinavianthe giver 
GerdGerdaOld IcelandicScandinavian  
GerdaGerdaOld IcelandicGerman, Dutch, Scandinavian  
GudaGudrunOld High GermanGermanWords: fight / secret, secret sign, rune 
GudrunGudrunOld High GermanGerman, ScandinavianWords: fight / secret, secret sign, rune 
GuðrúnGudrunOld High GermanIcelandicWords: fight / secret, secret sign, rune 
GudulaGudrunOld High GermanGermanWords: fight / secret, secret sign, rune 
GunlodGunnlödOld NorseScandinavianWords: war, fight / invitation 
GunnlodGunnlödOld NorseScandinavianWords: war, fight / invitation 
GunnlödGunnlödOld NorseScandinavianWords: war, fight / invitation 
GuroGudrunOld High GermanScandinavianWords: fight / secret, secret sign, rune 
GuttaGudrunOld High GermanGermanWords: fight / secret, secret sign, rune 
HertaHertaOld High GermanGerman  
HerthaHertaOld High GermanGerman  
HerttaHertaOld High GermanFinnish  
IdonyIdunaOld NorseEnglishWords: again 
IdunIdunaOld NorseScandinavianWords: again 
IdunaIdunaOld NorseGermanWords: again 
IðunnIdunaOld NorseIcelandicWords: again 
IngIngwioGermanicOld English, Old Norse, Germanic  
IngaIngo/IngeOld High GermanGerman, Scandinavian  
IngarIngmarOld High GermanScandinavianWords: famous, well-known 
IngeIngo/IngeOld High GermanGerman  
IngeborgIngeborgOld NorseGerman, ScandinavianWords: protection, castle 
IngelaIngo/IngeOld High GermanGerman, Scandinavian  
IngemarIngmarOld High GermanScandinavianWords: famous, well-known 
IngerIngridOld NorseScandinavianWords: beautiful 
IngibjörgIngeborgOld NorseIcelandicWords: protection, castle 
IngmarIngmarOld High GermanGerman, ScandinavianWords: famous, well-known 
IngoIngo/IngeOld High GermanGerman  
IngolfIngolfOld High GermanGermanWords: wolf 
IngomarIngmarOld High GermanGermanWords: famous, well-known 
IngridIngridOld NorseGerman, ScandinavianWords: beautiful 
IngridaIngridOld NorseLithuanian, LatvianWords: beautiful 
IngviIngwioGermanicOld Icelandic, Old Norse  
InkaIngo/IngeOld High GermanFrisian  
InkeIngo/IngeOld High GermanFrisian  
InkenIngo/IngeOld High GermanFrisian  
InkeriIngridOld NorseFinnishWords: beautiful 
InkoIngo/IngeOld High GermanFrisian  
JarlJarl/ErleOld NorseScandinavianearl 
LaufeyLaufeyOld NorseIcelandicWords: leaf, foliage / island 
LokeLokiOld NorseScandinavianWords: bend, break 
LokiLokiOld NorseGerman, EnglishWords: bend, break 
MániMániOld NorseIcelandicmoon 
NannaNannaOld NorseScandinavianWords: brave 
NanninaNannaOld NorseItalianWords: brave 
NarveNarveOld NorseScandinavian  
OdinOdinOld NorseScandinavianthe inspired#327
ÓðinnOdinOld NorseIcelandicthe inspired 
OrtrunOrtrunOld High GermanGermanWords: secret, secret sign, rune 
OsbaldoOswaldOld High GermanEnglishWords: Ass / rule 
OstaraOstaraOld High GermanGermanWords: Easter 
OsvaldoOswaldOld High GermanSpanish, ItalianWords: Ass / rule 
OswaldOswaldOld High GermanGerman, French, EnglishWords: Ass / rule 
OswaldoOswaldOld High GermanSpanish, ItalianWords: Ass / rule 
OzzyOswaldOld High GermanEnglishWords: Ass / rule#712
SagaSagaOld NorseScandinavian  
SchwanhildSchwanhildeOld High GermanGermanWords: swan / fight 
SchwanhildeSchwanhildeOld High GermanGermanWords: swan / fight 
SégolèneZelindo/SieglindeOld High GermanFrenchWords: victory / gentle, friendly / lime, linden, lime-wood shield 
SieglindZelindo/SieglindeOld High GermanGermanWords: victory / gentle, friendly / lime, linden, lime-wood shield 
SieglindeZelindo/SieglindeOld High GermanGermanWords: victory / gentle, friendly / lime, linden, lime-wood shield 
SiggeSigurdOld NorseScandinavianWords: victory / guard, defender 
SiglindeZelindo/SieglindeOld High GermanGermanWords: victory / gentle, friendly / lime, linden, lime-wood shield 
SigneSignyOld NorseScandinavianWords: victory / new 
SignySignyOld NorseScandinavianWords: victory / new 
SigurdSigurdOld NorseScandinavianWords: victory / guard, defender 
SigurðurSigurdOld NorseIcelandicWords: victory / guard, defender 
SigvardSigurdOld NorseScandinavianWords: victory / guard, defender 
SigynSigynOld NorseScandinavianWords: victory