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Name Group Baldur

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Group info:
Language of origin:Old Norse
Info about origin:in Norse mythology Balder is the God of Light, the son of Odin and Frigg
 his name probably derives from Germanic balthaz, which is the root of the English word bold
Words:balthaz = bold, brave  Germanic
 bald = bold, brave  Old High German
Topics:Germanic mythology
Variants' top ranks:13:Baldur Iceland 2013,  189:Balder Norway 2008
Name variants:

All variants, grouped by language of use

LanguageFemale VariantsMale Variants
German Balder, Baldur
Scandinavian Baldr
English Balder
Name variants:

3 male name variants, sorted by name and gender

NameLanguages of Use
BalderGerman, English