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Name Uta

Origin:From a Old High German word for wealthTools:

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Name info:

About the name Uta in particular

Languages of use:German
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Juta, Ota, Uda, Ula, Una, Ute, Utta, Utz, Yuta, Yuta     Details
Group info:

About Otto/Ute, the group of names with the same origin as Uta

Language of origin:Old High German
Words:ot = the wealth  Old High German
Topics:Short form
Variants' top ranks:15:Otto Finland/Finnish 2007,  21:Oda Norway 2007,  32:Ute Germany 2005,  72:Odett Hungary 2022,  73:Udo Germany 2005,  175:Odette Belgium 2013
Somehow related to:Cody, Otis, Ottilia, Ottmar
Old/original forms:Uota Old High German, Ote Old French
Name variants:Oda, Odett, Odette, Odina, Odine, Uta, Ute, Utta, Odo, Otello, Othello, Othon, Otto, Ottone, Ottorino, Udo   Sortable list   Details