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Name Lennard

Origin:From Old High German words for lion and brave, hardyTools:

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About the name Lennard in particular

Languages of use:German, Low German, Scandinavian
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Kennard, Lenard, Lennart, Leonard, Léonard, Bernard, Gennara, Gennaro, Lenart, Lenna     Details
Group info:

About Leonhard/Leonarda, the group of names with the same origin as Lennard

Language of origin:Old High German
Info about origin, male:old Germanic two-element name
 known from Saint Leonard, a Frankish hermit (5th century AD)
Words:lewo = the lion  Old High German
 harti = brave, hardy  Old High German
Topics:Two-element name
Variants' top ranks:1:Leonardo Italy 2020,  7:Leonhard Düsseldorf 2015,  7:Leonard Düsseldorf 2013,  11:Lennart Sweden 2014,  12:Lenni Finland/Finnish 2014,  27:Lenny Switzerland 2016,  45:Léonard Paris 2019,  50:Lenart Slovenia 2019,  70:Lennert Belgium 2005,  86:Lenn Netherlands 2019
Name variants:Leen, Leonarda, Leen, Lenard, Lenart, Lenn, Lennard, Lennart, Lennert, Lenni, Lennie, Lenny, Leny, Leonard, Léonard, Leonardo, Leonhard, Lienhard, Linnart, Lionardo, Narding   Sortable list   Details