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Name Jasminka


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About the name Jasminka in particular

Languages of use:Slavic
Is diminutive of:Jasmina
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Jasmina, Jasmin, Jasmin, Jasmine, Yasmina     Details
Group info:

About Jasmin/Jasmine, the group of names with the same origin as Jasminka

Language of origin:Old Persian
Info about origin, female:use of the name of the jasmine plant/flower as given name
 the origin of the plant name is Persia
 used as given name only since the end of the 19th century
Words:jasamin = the jasmine (the plant/flower jasmine)  Old Persian
Topics:Everyday word, Plants
Variants' top ranks:1:Jázmin Hungary 2010,  5:Jasmine Philippines 2006,  6:Jasmin Switzerland 1995,  6:Jazmín Buenos Aires 2018,  12:Yasmin Brazil 2011,  15:Jasmijn Netherlands 2008,  19:Yasemin Turkey 2013,  19:Jazmin Argentina 2015,  44:Yasmine Belgium 2012,  82:Yazmín Mexico 2008
Somehow related to:Gelsomino/Gelsomina
Old/original forms:Jasamin Old Persian
Name variants:Iasmin, Jasmijn, Jasmin, Jasmina, Jasmine, Jasminka, Jasmyn, Jasmyne, Jazmin, Jazmín, Jázmin, Jazmine, Jazmyn, Jazmyne, Jessamine, Jessamyn, Yasemin, Yasmeen, Yasmin, Yasmina, Yasmine, Yazmin, Yazmín, Jasmin   Sortable list   Details