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Name Clement

Meaning:the merciful, the gentleTools:

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About the name Clement in particular

Languages of use:English
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Clément, Clemens, Clemente, Clemence, Clémence, Klemens, Klemenz, Kliment, Levent     Details
Group info:

About Clement/Clemence/Clementine, the group of names with the same origin as Clement

Meaning/translation:the merciful, the gentle
Language of origin:Latin
Info about origin, male:popular name for popes during the Middle Ages
 Saint Clement I was the third successor of Saint Peter and therefore called the fourth pope
 until now there were 14 popes with this name
Words:clemens = merciful, gentle  Latin
Variants' top ranks:7:Clément France 2003,  23:Clémence France 2006,  38:Clemens Austria/Vienna 2001,  39:Clemente Chile 2021,  82:Clémentine France 2002,  446:Clemence Switzerland 1997,  462:Clementine Switzerland 1997,  671:Klemens Switzerland 1997
Name variants:Clemence, Clémence, Clementina, Clementine, Clémentine, Klementine, Clemens, Clement, Clément, Clemente, Kelemen, Klemens, Klemenz, Kliment   Sortable list   Details