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Name Ansgar

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About the name Ansgar in particular

Languages of use:German, Scandinavian
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Amsyar, Anar, Anuar, Anwar, Asgard, Asger, Ingar     Details
Group info:

About Oskar, the group of names with the same origin as Ansgar

Language of origin:Old Norse
Info about origin:Old Norse two-element name
 became well-known through the Poems of Ossian (with Oscar the son of Ossian) by James McPherson in the 18th century
 popular name for kings of Sweden
Words:as = the ase (an Old Norse deity), the deity  Old Icelandic
 geirr = the spear  Old Icelandic
Topics:Two-element name
Variants' top ranks:1:Oscar Sweden 2016,  4:Oskar Estonia 2017,  20:Óscar Peru 2015,  21:Oskari Finland/Finnish 2008,  24:Óskar Iceland 2003 to 2007,  39:Ásgeir Iceland 2015,  44:Asger Denmark 2002
Old/original forms:Asgeirr Old Icelandic
Name variants:Ansgar, Ásgeir, Asger, Oscar, Óscar, Oskar, Óskar, Oskari   Sortable list   Details