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Most Popular Names Slovenia 2016

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Slovenia 2016
Source:Statisticni Urad Republike Slovenije / Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Following list:2017
Previous list:2015
Highest new entries:Martin (new at 33),  Bor (new at 40),  Adam (new at 42),  Svit (new at 45),  Domen (new at 48)
Largest rises:Bine +8 (now at 34),  Tim +8 (now at 7),  Anej +7 (now at 24),  Val +6 (now at 32),  Tian +6 (now at 29)
Largest falls:Jure -13 (now at 43),  Gasper -11 (now at 47),  Ziga -10 (now at 18),  Matic -8 (now at 26),  Rene -8 (now at 46)

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1Luka Graph
2Filip Graph
3Jakobup 3Graph
4Nik    down 1Graph
5Zan Graph
6Mark    down 2Graph
7Timup 8Graph
8Janup 4Graph
9Vidup 2Graph
10Jaka    down 3Graph
11Lovroup 5Graph
12Lanup 5Graph
13Maksup 1Graph
14Nejc    down 1Graph
15Anze    down 5Graph
16David    down 7Graph
17Liamup 4Graph
18Ziga    down 10Graph
19Oskar Graph
20Galup 3Graph
21Patrik    down 1Graph
22Aljazup 3Graph
23Leon    down 1Graph
24Anejup 7Graph
25Mihaup 4Graph
26Matic    down 8Graph
27Matija Graph
28Maj    down 4Graph
29Tianup 6Graph
30Aleksup 3Graph
31Erik    down 5Graph
32Valup 6Graph
33Martinnew Graph
34Bineup 8Graph
35Rok    down 7Graph
35Tineup 3Graph
37Tilen    down 6Graph
38Matevz    down 2Graph
39Urban    down 5Graph
40Bornew Graph
40Lukasup 2Graph
42Adamnew Graph
43Jure    down 13Graph
43Teoup 5Graph
45Svitnew Graph
46Rene    down 8Graph
47Gasper    down 11Graph
48Domennew Graph
48Enejnew Graph
48Izak    down 2Graph
48Marcel    down 4Graph
48Nace    down 7Graph