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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2004

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Netherlands 2004
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2005
Previous list:2003
Highest new entries:Maud (new at 17),  Floor (new at 20)
Largest rises:Lotte +11 (now at 2),  Amber +4 (now at 10)
Largest falls:Isa -8 (now at 14),  Lisa -6 (now at 9)

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1Sanne Graph
2Lotteup 11Graph
3Emma    down 1Graph
4Anneup 1Graph
5Iris    down 1Graph
6Annaup 3Graph
7Julia Graph
8Femkeup 4Graph
9Lisa    down 6Graph
10Amberup 4Graph
11Fleur    down 1Graph
12Britt    down 4Graph
13Eva    down 2Graph
14Isa    down 8Graph
15Anouk Graph
16Noa Graph
17Maudnew Graph
18Sophie Graph
19Naomiup 1Graph
20Floornew Graph