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Most Popular Names Finland/Finnish 2013

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Finland, Finnish-speaking part of population, 2013
Source:Väestörekisterikeskus, Befolkningsregistercentralen
Following list:2014
Previous list:2012
Highest new entries:Hugo (new at 35),  Luka (new at 37),  Noel (new at 41),  Veikko (new at 48),  Aaron (new at 50)
Largest rises:Samuel +25 (now at 22),  Nooa +19 (now at 24),  Joel +17 (now at 13),  Eelis +10 (now at 35),  Daniel +10 (now at 11)
Largest falls:Juho -17 (now at 43),  Eeli -10 (now at 44),  Emil -9 (now at 33),  Aapo -8 (now at 31),  Toivo -8 (now at 48)
Note:only first name out of possibly several counted

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1Onni Graph
2Elias Graph
3Leo Graph
4Oliverup 4Graph
5Eetu    down 2Graph
6Veetiup 1Graph
7Aleksi    down 2Graph
8Niilo    down 2Graph
9Einoup 1Graph
10Leeviup 1Graph
11Danielup 10Graph
12Joona    down 3Graph
13Matias Graph
13Väinöup 6Graph
13Joelup 17Graph
16Lauri    down 5Graph
17Mikael    down 3Graph
17Lenni    down 2Graph
19Viljami    down 2Graph
20Eemeli    down 2Graph
21Rasmus    down 5Graph
22Samuelup 25Graph
23Juliusup 2Graph
24Nooaup 19Graph
24Akseli    down 4Graph
26Jimiup 2Graph
26Vilhoup 5Graph
28Aatu    down 6Graph
29Valtteri    down 3Graph
29Miroup 4Graph
31Aapo    down 8Graph
32Antonup 4Graph
33Emil    down 9Graph
34Niklas    down 6Graph
35Hugonew Graph
35Eelisup 10Graph
37Lukanew Graph
38Otto    down 6Graph
39Peetu    down 3Graph
40Eemil    down 6Graph
41Noelnew Graph
42Arttu    down 4Graph
43Juho    down 17Graph
44Eeli    down 10Graph
45Konsta    down 1Graph
46Oskari    down 4Graph
46Kasper    down 5Graph
48Veikkonew Graph
48Toivo    down 8Graph
50Aaronnew Graph