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Most Popular Names Estonia 2013

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Estonia 2013
Source:Siseministeerium (Estonian Ministry of the Interior)
Following list:2014
Previous list:2012
Highest new entries:Romet (new at 7),  Oskar (new at 9),  Kristofer (new at 11),  Maksim (new at 11),  Robert (new at 11)
Largest rises:Martin +4 (now at 4),  Artjom +2 (now at 3),  Sander +1 (now at 9),  Robin +1 (now at 1)
Largest falls:Nikita -3 (now at 6),  Oliver -3 (now at 8)

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1Rasmus Graph
1Robinup 1Graph
3Artjomup 2Graph
4Martinup 4Graph
5Markus Graph
6Nikita    down 3Graph
7Rometnew Graph
8Oliver    down 3Graph
9Oskarnew Graph
9Sanderup 1Graph
11Kristofernew Graph
11Maksim    down 2Graph
11Robertnew Graph
14Kasparnew Graph
15Danielnew Graph
15Sebastiannew Graph
17Arturnew Graph
18Marten    down 14Graph
19Kevinnew Graph
20Aleksandrnew Graph
20Gregornew Graph
20Mattiasnew Graph
23Daniilnew Graph
23Marknew Graph
25Henrinew Graph