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Word the town

Translations:tun = the town, the settlement, the homestead  Old English
 vile = the town  Old French
Name groups:Anniston, Jackton, Trenton

Name Groups Related to All Translations of the town

TranslationLanguageName Groups
tunOld EnglishAshton/Ashton, Benton, Braxton, Carlton, Clayton, Clifton, Clinton, Colton, Dalton, Dayton, Easton, Elton, Houston, Keaton, Kelton, Kensington, Kenton, Kingston, Layton/Layton, Maxton, Milton, Paxton, Payton/Payton, Preston, Princeton, Remington, Royston, Tatum/Tatum, Weston, Winston, Winton
vileOld FrenchNeville