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Name Marene

Meaning:of the seaTools:

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About the name Marene in particular

Languages of use:Scandinavian
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Malene, Maren, Marine, Marlene, Myrene, Aaren, Alene, Aren, Arend, Arlene     Details
Group info:

About Marin/Marina, the group of names with the same origin as Marene

Meaning/translation:of the sea
Language of origin:Latin
Info about origin, male:from a Roman cognomen Marinus, either derived from the given name Marius or from the word marinus (of the sea)
 name of several saints; the little European republic San Marino is named after one of them
Words:marinus = of the sea  Latin
Topics:Geographic name, Roman nickname
Variants' top ranks:7:Marine France 1997,  10:Marina Croatia 2011,  23:Maren Norway 1997,  28:Marin Croatia 2017,  87:Marijn Netherlands 2008,  611:Marino Switzerland 1997,  834:Marin USA 2004
Somehow related to:Marius
Name variants:Mareen, Maren, Marene, Marin, Marina, Marine, Marinella, Marijn, Marin, Marino, Marinus   Sortable list   Details