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Name Lindsay

Origin:From a Old English word for wetlandTools:

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About the name Lindsay in particular

Languages of use:Scottish
Topics:Male and female
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindsey, Lyndsay, Findlay, Linda, Lyndsey     Details
Group info:

About Lindsay/Lindsay, the group of names with the same origin as Lindsay

Language of origin:Old English
Info about origin, female:use of a Scottish family name as given name
 the family name is related to Lindsey in Lincolnshire
 Lindsey means Lincoln's wetland
 there are however alternative interpretations of Lindsey, e.g. island in the river Lindum
 in Scottland used as a male name, everywhere else mostly as a female name only
Words:ey = the wetland  Old English
 ey = the island  Old Norse
Topics:Family name, Geographic name, Interesting
Variants' top ranks:44:Lindsey USA 1980-1989,  47:Lindsay USA 1980-1989,  94:Lyndsey England+Wales 1984,  96:Lynsey England+Wales 1984,  908:Lyndsay USA 1993
Name variants:Lindsay, Lindsey, Lyndsay, Lyndsey, Lynsey, Lindsay, Lindsey   Sortable list   Details