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Name Erma

Origin:From a Germanic word for immense, universalTools:

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About the name Erma in particular

Languages of use:German, English
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Elma, Ema, Emma, Erla, Erna, Erva, Esma, Herma, Irma, Lerma     Details
Group info:

About Emma, the group of names with the same origin as Erma

Language of origin:Germanic
Info about origin:originally a short form of names beginning with Erm- or Irm, like e.g. Irmgard
Words:ermana = immense, universal  Germanic
 irmin = universal  Old High German
Topics:Short form
Variants' top ranks:1:Emma Germany First 2018,  1:Ema Slovenia 2018,  20:Emmi Finland/Finnish 2006,  50:Emmy Sweden 2004,  60:Emy France 2016,  598:Emmie USA 2018
Somehow related to:Irmgard
Name variants:Ema, Emma, Emmi, Emmie, Emmy, Emy, Erma   Sortable list   Details