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Most Popular Names Finland/Finnish 2019

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Finland, Finnish-speaking part of population, 2019
Source:Väestörekisterikeskus, Befolkningsregistercentralen
Following list:2020
Previous list:2018
Highest new entries:Lukas (new at 35),  Aarni (new at 40),  Viljo (new at 43),  Aaro (new at 45),  Kaapo (new at 46)
Largest rises:Oiva +16 (now at 22),  Alvar +14 (now at 22),  Samuel +9 (now at 26),  Jooa +9 (now at 31),  Eemil +8 (now at 11)
Largest falls:Eelis -16 (now at 49),  Viljami -12 (now at 26),  Peetu -11 (now at 43),  Veikko -11 (now at 39),  Matias -11 (now at 37)
Note:only first name out of possibly several counted

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1Leoup 2Graph
2Elias Graph
3Oliverup 1Graph
4Einoup 1Graph
5Väinöup 1Graph
6Eeli    down 5Graph
7Noelup 3Graph
8Leevi Graph
9Onni    down 2Graph
10Hugoup 6Graph
11Eemilup 8Graph
12Mikaelup 5Graph
12Vilhoup 8Graph
14Niilo    down 5Graph
15Joel    down 2Graph
16Emil    down 5Graph
17Toivo    down 5Graph
18Danielup 3Graph
19Eetu    down 4Graph
20Lenniup 5Graph
21Aatosup 3Graph
22Alvarup 14Graph
22Oivaup 16Graph
24Veeti    down 2Graph
25Nooa    down 2Graph
26Samuelup 9Graph
26Viljami    down 12Graph
28Julius    down 10Graph
29Rasmusup 2Graph
30Luka Graph
31Jooaup 9Graph
31Kasper    down 3Graph
33Benjaminup 3Graph
34Aapoup 7Graph
35Lukasnew Graph
36Otso    down 2Graph
37Matias    down 11Graph
37Lauri    down 10Graph
39Veikko    down 11Graph
40Aarninew Graph
41Aaronup 5Graph
42Aleksiup 8Graph
43Peetu    down 11Graph
43Viljonew Graph
45Aaronew Graph
46Kaaponew Graph
47Anton    down 1Graph
47Joona    down 2Graph
49Eelis    down 16Graph
50Lucasnew Graph