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Most Popular Names Finland/Finnish 2012

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Finland, Finnish-speaking part of population, 2012
Source:Väestörekisterikeskus, Befolkningsregistercentralen
Following list:2013
Previous list:2011
Highest new entries:Isla (new at 37),  Saana (new at 43),  Iiris (new at 46),  Lumi (new at 46)
Largest rises:Nelli +13 (now at 25),  Milja +10 (now at 34),  Eevi +10 (now at 31),  Pihla +9 (now at 18),  Ellen +7 (now at 29)
Largest falls:Lotta -17 (now at 34),  Sanni -15 (now at 48),  Pinja -15 (now at 50),  Milla -8 (now at 39),  Ilona -7 (now at 43)
Note:only first name out of possibly several counted

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1Ellaup 5Graph
2Sofia    down 1Graph
3Emmaup 1Graph
4Aada    down 1Graph
5Aino Graph
6Venla    down 4Graph
7Helmiup 4Graph
8Emilia    down 1Graph
9Siiri Graph
10Saraup 2Graph
11Iida    down 3Graph
12Anni    down 3Graph
13Oliviaup 5Graph
14Elsaup 2Graph
15Amandaup 6Graph
16Iinaup 7Graph
17Veera    down 4Graph
18Pihlaup 9Graph
19Elli    down 4Graph
20Nellaup 2Graph
21Vilma    down 7Graph
22Liljaup 4Graph
22Kerttu    down 2Graph
24Viivi    down 6Graph
25Nelliup 13Graph
26Oonaup 2Graph
27Enni    down 3Graph
28Mineaup 2Graph
29Ellenup 7Graph
30Linneaup 4Graph
31Eeviup 10Graph
32Emmi    down 7Graph
32Ronja    down 1Graph
34Miljaup 10Graph
34Lotta    down 17Graph
36Alisa    down 7Graph
37Islanew Graph
38Juliaup 2Graph
39Minttuup 4Graph
39Milla    down 8Graph
41Hilla Graph
42Peppiup 2Graph
43Matildaup 6Graph
43Saananew Graph
43Ilona    down 7Graph
46Iirisnew Graph
46Luminew Graph
48Sanni    down 15Graph
49Neea    down 1Graph
50Pinja    down 15Graph