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Most Popular Names Estonia 2018

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Estonia 2018
Source:Siseministeerium (Estonian Ministry of the Interior)
Following list:2019
Previous list:2017
Highest new entries:Lukas (new at 18),  Timur (new at 24),  Johannes (new at 25)
Largest rises:Mattias +18 (now at 3),  Aron +13 (now at 11),  Nikita +9 (now at 9),  Karl +8 (now at 7),  Sebastian +7 (now at 6)
Largest falls:Artur -15 (now at 23),  Artjom -13 (now at 18),  Martin -10 (now at 16),  Oskar -9 (now at 13),  Robert -6 (now at 7)

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1Robinup 1Graph
2Oliverup 1Graph
3Mattiasup 18Graph
4Rasmusup 6Graph
5Kristoferup 5Graph
6Sebastianup 7Graph
7Karlup 8Graph
7Robert    down 6Graph
9Henri    down 1Graph
9Nikitaup 9Graph
11Aronup 13Graph
11Hugo    down 5Graph
13Oskar    down 9Graph
14Markup 1Graph
15Maksim    down 1Graph
16Gregorup 5Graph
16Martin    down 10Graph
18Artjom    down 13Graph
18Jakobup 3Graph
18Lukasnew Graph
18Markus Graph
22Kaspar    down 2Graph
23Artur    down 15Graph
24Timurnew Graph
25Johannesnew Graph