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Most Popular Names Poland 2011

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Poland 2011
Source:MSWiA (Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnetrznych i Administracji / Polish ministry of the interior and administration)
Following list:2012
Previous list:2010
Highest new entries:Marta (new at 17),  Milena (new at 19)
Largest rises:Anna +4 (now at 12),  Lena +3 (now at 1)
Largest falls:Nikola -5 (now at 16),  Julia -3 (now at 4)

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1Lenaup 3Graph
2Maja Graph
3Zuzanna Graph
4Julia    down 3Graph
5Wiktoria Graph
6Amelia Graph
7Aleksandraup 1Graph
8Oliwia    down 1Graph
9Natalia Graph
10Zofia Graph
11Martynaup 1Graph
12Annaup 4Graph
13Alicjaup 2Graph
14Emilia    down 1Graph
15Hanna    down 1Graph
16Nikola    down 5Graph
17Martanew Graph
18Gabriela    down 1Graph
19Milenanew Graph
20Nadianew Graph