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Most Popular Names Germany 1999

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in united Germany 1999
Source:Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache (GfdS)
Following list:2000
Previous list:1998
Highest new entries:Michelle (new at 8),  Lea (new at 9)
Largest rises:Marie +4 (now at 1),  Sarah +3 (now at 6)
Largest falls:Julia -5 (now at 7),  Anna -1 (now at 4)
Note:Rankings with limited informative value: First names and second names are counted equally despite second names playing a rather small role in everyday life of Germans

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1Marieup 4Graph
2Maria    down 1Graph
3Sophieup 1Graph
4Anna + Anne    down 1Graph
5Lauraup 1Graph
6Sarahup 3Graph
7Julia    down 5Graph
8Michellenew Graph
9Leanew Graph
10Katharina Graph