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Word the strength

Translations: = strong, the strength  Kanji symbol
  = strong, the strength  Kanji symbol
 amari = the strength  Yoruba
 aval = the strength  Old Saxon
 gus = the vigor, the strength  Old Irish
 kraft = the strength, the power  Old High German
 li4 = the power, the force, the strength  Mandarin
 magan = the strength, the power  Old High German
 maht = the might, the strength  Old High German
 nerthos = the strength  Celtic
 qiang2 = strong, the strength  Mandarin
 stani = the strength, the firmness  Old Slavic
 sthenos = the strength, the vigor  Old Greek
 trud = the strength, the power  Old High German
 veig = the strength  Old Norse

Name Groups Related to All Translations of the strength

TranslationLanguageName Groups
Kanji symbolQiang
Kanji symbolQiang
avalOld SaxonAva
gusOld IrishAonghus, Fearghas/Fergie
kraftOld High GermanKraft
maganOld High GermanMeinhard, Meinolf, Meinrad
mahtOld High GermanMathilde
staniOld SlavicStanimir/Stanimira, Stanislaw/Stanislava
sthenosOld GreekSosthène
trudOld High GermanBliktrud, Edeltraud, Ehrentraud, Gertrud, Helmtraud, Hiltrud, Irmtraud, Liebtrud, Miltrud, Nortrud, Ortraud, Rotraud, Waltraud, Wiltrud
veigOld NorseSolveig