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Word the people

Topics:Social life
Translations:demos = the people  Old Greek
 diot = the people  Old High German
 el = the people, the country  Turkish
 laos = the people  Old Greek
 liut = the people  Old High German
 lud = the people  Old Slavic
 tauta = the people  Lithuanian
Somehow related to:the stammering people  English

Name Groups Related to All Translations of the people

TranslationLanguageName Groups
demosOld GreekAristodemo, Democritus, Nikodemus
diotOld High GermanDetlev, Diemut, Dieter, Dietgard, Dietger, Diethard, Diethild, Dietlinde, Dietmar/Diomira, Dietrich, Dieuwe/Dieuwke, Tabe, Theobald, Thijmen, Thilo
laosOld GreekLeander/Leandra, Nicholas/Nicole
liutOld High GermanLedger, Leopold/Leopoldine, Ludger/Ludgera, Ludolf, Ludwina, Luitgard, Luitwin, Luther
ludOld SlavicLudmilla