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Name Josias

Meaning:Yahweh supportsTools:

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About the name Josias in particular

Languages of use:German
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Josia, Josiah, Jasiah, Jesiah, Joahas, Joas, Jonas, Joonas, Joris, Joris     Details
Group info:

About Josias, the group of names with the same origin as Josias

Meaning/translation:Yahweh supports
Language of origin:Hebrew
Info about origin:in the Bible Josiah is the son and the successor of King Amon of Judah
Words:yahweh = (the name of God) (name of the one God according to the Old Testament)  Hebrew
Topics:Old Testament
Variants' top ranks:7:Josiah Jamaica 2021,  468:Jasiah USA 2022,  685:Joziah USA 2016,  918:Jesiah USA 2021
Somehow related to:Jahwe
Old/original forms:Joschija Hebrew
Name variants:Jasiah, Jesiah, Josia, Josiah, Josias, Joziah   Sortable list   Details