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Language Phoenician: Names And Words

Description:Phoenician, a Semitic language related to Hebrew, spoken from around 1000 to 100 BC in the region that is Lebanon today
Family/group:Semitic family
NameGroupLanguage of OriginLanguages of UseMeaning/Translation or Related WordsUS 2021
AmilcarAmilcarePhoenicianPortuguese, SpanishMelqar's friend 
AmilcareAmilcarePhoenicianItalianMelqar's friend 
AnibalHannibalPhoenicianPortuguese, Spanishgrace of Baal 
AnnibaleHannibalPhoenicianItaliangrace of Baal 
HannibalHannibalPhoenicianGerman, Englishgrace of Baal 
TanitTanithPhoenicianEnglishmaybe serpent lady 
TanithTanithPhoenicianEnglishmaybe serpent lady