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Language Kanji symbol: Names And Words

Description:Kanji symbols, the originally Chinese writing symbols in use in Japan, where each symbol stands for a complete word
NameGroupLanguage of OriginLanguages of UseMeaning/Translation or Related WordsUS 2021
TsuyoshiTsuyoshiJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesestrong, tough 
UmekoUmekoJapaneseKanji symbol, Japaneseplum child, plum blossom child 
YamatoYamatoJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesegreat harmony 
YinuoYinuoMandarinKanji symbol, MandarinWords: one / promise, assent 
YokoYokoJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesesun child; proton 
YoshikoYoshikoJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesegood child 
YoshioYoshioJapaneseKanji symbol, Japaneserighteous man 
YotaYotaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: sun, sunshine / great, excellent, thick 
YoukoYoukoJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesesun child; proton 
YuaYuaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: knot, tie / love, affection 
YuiYuiJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: knot, tie / clothes 
YukikoYukikoJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesesnow child 
YumaYumaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: permanence / true, reality, genuineness 
YumiYumiJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesemaybe beauty 
YumikoYumikoJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesechild of Yumi 
YunaYunaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: knot, tie / vegetables 
YurikoYurikoJapaneseKanji symbol, Japaneselily child 
YutaYutaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: permanence / person 
YutaYutaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: excellent, superior / great, excellent, thick 
YutakaYutakaJapaneseKanji symbol, Japaneseabundant, plentiful, rich 
YutoYutoJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: permanence / person 
YutoYutoJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: excellent, superior / sake dipper, Big Dipper 
YutoYutoJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: permanence / sake dipper, Big Dipper 
YuudaiYuudaiJapaneseKanji symbol, Japanesegrandeur, splendor 
YuukaYuukaJapaneseKanji symbol, Japaneseexcellent aroma 
YuumaYuumaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: permanence / true, reality, genuineness 
YuunaYuunaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: knot, tie / vegetables 
YuunaYuunaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: excellent, superior / Nara 
YuutaYuutaJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: excellent, superior / great, excellent, thick 
YuzukiYuzukiJapaneseKanji symbol, JapaneseWords: excellent, superior / moon, month