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Most Popular Names Warsaw 2013

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Warsaw, Poland 2013
Source:Statistics based on birth announcements in the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, done by B. Górny
Following list:2014
Previous list:2012
Highest new entries:Jerzy (new at 42),  Krystian (new at 46),  Ryszard (new at 48),  Damian (new at 49),  Tadeusz (new at 49)
Largest rises:Oliwier +12 (now at 20),  Tomasz +9 (now at 19),  Tymon +8 (now at 17),  Gabriel +6 (now at 42),  Pawel +6 (now at 33)
Largest falls:Adrian -10 (now at 49),  Sebastian -9 (now at 46),  Ignacy -9 (now at 30),  Dominik -8 (now at 38),  Bruno -7 (now at 49)

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1Jan Graph
2Jakub Graph
3Antoni Graph
4Franciszekup 1Graph
5Aleksander    down 1Graph
6Filipup 1Graph
7Kacper    down 1Graph
8Szymonup 2Graph
9Bartekup 3Graph
10Stanislaw    down 3Graph
11Adamup 2Graph
12Mateusz    down 3Graph
13Michal    down 2Graph
14Piotrup 1Graph
15Wojciech    down 1Graph
16Mikolaj    down 1Graph
17Tymonup 8Graph
18Maciej Graph
19Tomaszup 9Graph
20Oliwierup 12Graph
21Leonup 3Graph
22Wiktor    down 2Graph
23Julian    down 4Graph
23Krzysztof    down 6Graph
25Marcelup 1Graph
26Maksymilianup 5Graph
27Igor    down 5Graph
28Dawid    down 5Graph
28Karol Graph
30Ignacy    down 9Graph
31Oskar    down 4Graph
32Miloszup 3Graph
33Pawelup 6Graph
34Alan Graph
34Ksaweryup 3Graph
34Patryk    down 1Graph
37Tymoteuszup 2Graph
38Dominik    down 8Graph
39Nikodemup 3Graph
40Hubert    down 5Graph
41Kajetanup 3Graph
42Gabrielup 6Graph
42Jerzynew Graph
44Kamilup 2Graph
44Marcin Graph
46Krystiannew Graph
46Sebastian    down 9Graph
48Ryszardnew Graph
49Adrian    down 10Graph
49Bruno    down 7Graph
49Damiannew Graph
49Tadeusznew Graph