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Most Popular Names Poland 2009

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Poland 2009
Source:MSWiA (Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnetrznych i Administracji / Polish ministry of the interior and administration)
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Antoni (new at 20),  Wojciech (new at 21),  Kamil (new at 22),  Aleksander (new at 23),  Krzysztof (new at 24)
Largest rises:Adam +6 (now at 11),  Jan +2 (now at 13),  Filip +2 (now at 5),  Wiktor +1 (now at 8),  Piotr +1 (now at 9)
Largest falls:Patryk -4 (now at 16),  Dawid -2 (now at 10),  Bartosz -2 (now at 7),  Pawel -1 (now at 17),  Igor -1 (now at 14)

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1Jakub Graph
2Kacper Graph
3Szymonup 1Graph
4Mateusz    down 1Graph
5Filipup 2Graph
6Michal Graph
7Bartosz    down 2Graph
8Wiktorup 1Graph
9Piotrup 1Graph
10Dawid    down 2Graph
11Adamup 6Graph
12Maciej    down 1Graph
13Janup 2Graph
14Igor    down 1Graph
15Mikolaj    down 1Graph
16Patryk    down 4Graph
17Pawel    down 1Graph
18Dominik Graph
19Oskarup 1Graph
20Antoninew Graph
21Wojciechnew Graph
22Kamil    down 3Graph
23Aleksandernew Graph
24Krzysztofnew Graph
25Oliwiernew Graph
26Marcelnew Graph
27Karolnew Graph
28Franciszeknew Graph
29Tomasznew Graph
30Maksymiliannew Graph
31Hubertnew Graph
32Bartlomiejnew Graph
33Adriannew Graph
34Alannew Graph
35Sebastiannew Graph
36Milosznew Graph
37Krystiannew Graph
38Lukasznew Graph
39Nikodemnew Graph
40Gabrielnew Graph
41Marcinnew Graph
42Stanislawnew Graph
43Damiannew Graph
44Konradnew Graph
45Danielnew Graph
46Fabiannew Graph
47Blazejnew Graph
48Rafalnew Graph
49Tymoteusznew Graph
50Ksawerynew Graph