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Most Popular Names India 2016

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in India 2016
Source:Inofficial list, done by BabyCenter India, based on the names of newborns registered on their website
Following list:2017
Previous list:2015
Highest new entries:Fathima (new at 4),  Sri (new at 5),  Inaaya (new at 9),  Zara (new at 13),  Maryam (new at 14)
Largest rises:Anika +17 (now at 7),  Ananya +10 (now at 2),  Shanaya +7 (now at 3),  Swara +4 (now at 12),  Anaya +2 (now at 6)
Largest falls:Saanvi -18 (now at 21),  Diya -15 (now at 17),  Aahana -11 (now at 22),  Aaradhya -8 (now at 15),  Amaira -6 (now at 10)

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1Aadhya Graph
2Ananyaup 10Graph
3Shanayaup 7Graph
4Fathimanew Graph
5Srinew Graph
6Anayaup 2Graph
7Anikaup 17Graph
8Myra    down 2Graph
9Inaayanew Graph
10Amaira    down 6Graph
11Anviup 2Graph
12Swaraup 4Graph
13Zaranew Graph
14Maryamnew Graph
15Aaradhya    down 8Graph
16Tanviup 1Graph
17Diya    down 15Graph
18Advikanew Graph
19Evanew Graph
20Aavyanew Graph
21Saanvi    down 18Graph
22Aahana    down 11Graph
23Navya    down 3Graph
24Sainew Graph
25Aditinew Graph