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Name Group Mael/Maelle

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Group info:
Language of origin:Old Irish
Info about origin, male:known as the name of Mael Sechnaill, one of the last High Kings of Ireland (11th century AD)
Words:mal = the prince, the noble  Old Irish
Variants' top ranks:8:Maël France 2020,  14:Maëlys France 2010,  40:Maëlle Switzerland/French 2009,  46:Mael Switzerland/German 2017,  143:Mailys France 2002,  253:Maylis France 2002,  324:Maelle Switzerland 1997,  423:Maelis France 2002
Name variants:

All variants, grouped by language of use

LanguageFemale VariantsMale Variants
FrenchMaelis, Maelle, Maëlle, Maëlys, Mailys, MaylisMael, Maël
BretonMaelis, Maelle, Maëlle, Maëlys, MailysMael, Maël
Name variants:

6 female and 2 male name variants, sorted by name and gender

NameLanguages of Use
MaelisFrench, Breton
MaelleFrench, Breton
MaëlleFrench, Breton
MaëlysFrench, Breton
MailysFrench, Breton

NameLanguages of Use
MaelFrench, Breton
MaëlFrench, Breton