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Most Popular Names Belgrade 2011

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Belgrade, Serbia, 2011
Source:Beograd, Zavod za informatiku i statistiku / Belgrade, Institute of Informatics and Statistics
Following list:2012
Previous list:2009
Highest new entries:Andrej (new at 8),  Uros (new at 9)
Largest rises:Filip +3 (now at 7),  Luka +2 (now at 1)
Largest falls:Marko -2 (now at 10),  Aleksa -1 (now at 6)

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RankName+/- Belgrade 2009Graph
1Lukaup 2Graph
2Lazar    down 1Graph
3Nikola    down 1Graph
4Vuk Graph
5Stefanup 1Graph
6Aleksa    down 1Graph
7Filipup 3Graph
8Andrejnew Graph
9Urosnew Graph
10Marko    down 2Graph