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Most Popular Names Moscow 2014

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Moscow, Russia 2014
Source:ZAGS Moscow (City of Moscow Civil Registrar's Office)
Following list:-
Previous list:2013
Highest new entries:Gleb (new at 20)
Largest rises:Ilya +2 (now at 12),  Vladimir +2 (now at 17),  Alexander +1 (now at 1),  Maxim +1 (now at 2),  Mikhail +1 (now at 4)
Largest falls:Artyom -2 (now at 3),  Artem -2 (now at 3),  Fyodor -2 (now at 19),  Fedor -2 (now at 19),  Matvey -1 (now at 14)

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1Alexanderup 1Graph
2Maximup 1Graph
3Artyom + Artem    down 2Graph
4Mikhailup 1Graph
5Ivan    down 1Graph
6Daniil + Danila + Danil Graph
7Dmitry Graph
8Kirill Graph
9Andrey Graph
10Egor Graph
11Nikita Graph
12Ilyaup 2Graph
13Aleksey    down 1Graph
14Matvey    down 1Graph
15Timofey Graph
16Roman Graph
17Vladimirup 2Graph
18Yaroslav Graph
19Fyodor + Fedor    down 2Graph
20Glebnew Graph