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Most Popular Names Warsaw 2009

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Warsaw, Poland 2009
Source:Statistics based on birth announcements in the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, done by B. Górny
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Gabriel (new at 35),  Leon (new at 35),  Ksawery (new at 45),  Przemyslaw (new at 49)
Largest rises:Hubert +11 (now at 33),  Antoni +6 (now at 5),  Oskar +5 (now at 19),  Stanislaw +5 (now at 17),  Wojciech +4 (now at 22)
Largest falls:Lukasz -11 (now at 44),  Tymon -10 (now at 49),  Adrian -10 (now at 45),  Milosz -6 (now at 47),  Aleksander -6 (now at 14)

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1Jakub Graph
2Janup 2Graph
3Mateusz    down 1Graph
4Bartek    down 1Graph
5Antoniup 6Graph
5Michalup 2Graph
7Szymon    down 2Graph
8Filipup 1Graph
9Kacper    down 3Graph
10Franciszekup 4Graph
11Piotr    down 1Graph
12Maciej    down 1Graph
13Adam Graph
14Aleksander    down 6Graph
15Mikolaj Graph
15Wiktorup 1Graph
17Stanislawup 5Graph
18Igorup 1Graph
19Oskarup 5Graph
20Krzysztof    down 3Graph
21Maksymilian    down 3Graph
22Dawid    down 3Graph
22Wojciechup 4Graph
24Karol    down 5Graph
25Pawelup 4Graph
26Patryk    down 4Graph
27Dominik Graph
28Tomasz    down 4Graph
29Ignacyup 1Graph
29Oliwierup 3Graph
31Kamil Graph
31Marcel    down 3Graph
33Hubertup 11Graph
34Sebastianup 4Graph
35Gabrielnew Graph
35Julian Graph
35Leonnew Graph
38Alanup 1Graph
38Krystian    down 5Graph
40Damianup 2Graph
41Tymoteuszup 2Graph
42Marcin    down 5Graph
43Brunoup 2Graph
44Lukasz    down 11Graph
45Adrian    down 10Graph
45Ksawerynew Graph
47Grzegorz Graph
47Milosz    down 6Graph
49Przemyslawnew Graph
49Tymon    down 10Graph