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Name Jacqueline

Meaning: Yahweh may protect; holder of the heel; supplanter

Gender: female

Languages of use: French

Asteroid: 1017 Jacqueline, discovered 1924, diameter 37.65 km, period 7.87 years

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Jacqueline is a member of the name group Jacob/Jacqueline/Jakoba:

Meaning/translation: Yahweh may protect; holder of the heel; supplanter

Language of origin: Hebrew

Info, male:

original, etymological meaning might be He (God) may protect

but already in the Old Testament the name is interpreted as holder of the heel or supplanter

in the Old Testament Jacob is a son of Isaac and the father of 12 sons who will found the 12 tribes of Israel

during birth Jacob held the heel of his twin brother Esau for becoming the first-born (thus the given name interpretations)

in the New Testament James the Elder and James the Younger are two disciples of Jesus


yahweh = (the name of God)  Hebrew

aqeb = the heel  Hebrew

aqab = to supplant, to cheat  Hebrew

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