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Name Breana

Origin:From a Celtic word for hillTools:

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About the name Breana in particular

Languages of use:English
US 2020 rank:not in the Top 1000; other popularity lists see below
Similarly written:Brana, Breann, Breanna, Brenna, Briana, Bryana, Ariana, Ariana, Arjana, Arjana     Details
Group info:

About Brian/Brianna, the group of names with the same origin as Breana

Language of origin:Celtic
Info about origin, female:female form coined only recently, popular only since around 1970
Info about origin, male:with a Celtic origin (Irish or Breton), but meaning not known for certain
 known from Brian Bóroimhe, a national hero of Ireland (10th century AD)
Words:bryn = the hill  Celtic
Variants' top ranks:1:Brihanna Jamaica 2008,  4:Brian England+Wales 1934,  4:Brianna Jamaica 2011,  5:Briana Peru 2017,  25:Bryan Ecuador 2013,  38:Brayan Mexico 2008,  74:Breanna USA 1999,  87:Brájen Hungary 2020,  175:Bria USA 1993,  235:Brenna USA 1995
Somehow related to:Bridget, Bryant
Name variants:Brea, Breana, Breann, Breanna, Breanne, Brenna, Breonna, Bria, Briana, Brianna, Brianne, Brihanna, Brionna, Bryana, Bryanna, Brájen, Brayan, Brian, Bryan, Bryon   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Breana

USA decades 1990-1999 419
USA yearlyGraph2007 895,  2006 843,  2005 847,  2004 718,  2003 688,  2002 619,  2001 614,  2000 542,  1999 471,  1998 460,  1997 417,  1996 382,  1995 400,  1994 3781993 395