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Language Old French: Names And Words

Description:Old French, ancestor of modern French, descendant of Latin, from around a 900 AD until around 1400 AD
Family/group:Romance family
WordLanguageTranslationsName Groups
aiglentOld Frenchthe dog roseEglantine
archierOld Frenchthe archer (soldier with bow and arrow)Archer
aulneOld Frenchthe alder (a tree)Delaney
aunaieOld Frenchthe alder groveDelaney
baretteOld Frenchthe cap (a headpiece), the bonnet (a headpiece)Barret
bonOld FrenchgoodBonnie, Boone
calveOld FrenchbaldCalvin
canunOld Frenchthe canon (a priest)Canon
casseOld Frenchthe case (in the sense of box)Cash
chacierOld Frenchto huntChase/Chase
chandelierOld Frenchthe candlestickChandler/Chandler
chanelOld Frenchthe canal, the channelChanel
chauveOld FrenchbaldCalvin
chielOld Frenchthe sky, the heavenDashiell
corteisOld Frenchcourtly (belonging to the court), courteousCurtis
corteisOld Frenchcourtly (belonging to the court), courteousCurtis
despensierOld Frenchthe dispenser (a person who dispenses/distributes or manages goods)Spencer, Spencer
DragonOld Frenchthe dragonDrake
esméOld FrenchesteemedEsmé/Esmée
ferrantOld Frenchiron greyFarren
flecheOld Frenchthe arrowFletcher
flechierOld Frenchthe arrow makerFletcher
forestOld Frenchthe forestForrest
garenneOld Frenchthe game park, the game reserveWarren
gautOld Frenchthe gaut (member of the Germanic tribe of the Gauts)Jocelyn, Josselin
grandOld Frenchgreat, largeGrant
grenatOld French Garnet
grisOld FrenchgreyGriselda
isleOld Frenchthe islandLyle
jouelOld French Jewel
justiseOld Frenchthe justiceJustice/Justice
louveOld Frenchthe wolfLowell
malleOld FrenchbadMelville
maloretOld Frenchthe misfortuneMallory
marchisOld Frenchthe marquis (a nobleman like a count)Marquis/Marquita
massonOld Frenchthe masonMason
mauvisOld Frenchthe mavis (a bird, also called song thrush)Mavis
merOld Frenchthe seaMortimer
merleOld Frenchthe blackbirdMerle/Merle
mortOld FrenchdeadMortimer
neufOld FrenchnewNeville
oroOld Frenchthe goldOriana
orsOld French Orson
parcOld Frenchthe parkParker/Parker
penserOld French Pansy
percerOld French Percival
perleOld Frenchthe pearlPearl
pomegranateOld French Garnet
porteOld Frenchthe door, the gatePorter
rousOld FrenchredRussell
tailleorOld Frenchthe tailorTaylor/Taylor
talonOld Frenchthe heelTalon
tannerOld Frenchtan (to get brown skin from sunlight)Tawny
tirerOld Frenchto pullTyrrell
traverserOld Frenchto crossTravis
treieOld Frenchthree (the number 3)Trey
valOld French Percival
vernOld Frenchthe alder (a tree)Vernon/Verna
vileOld Frenchthe townNeville
villeOld Frenchthe village, the settlementMelville
waleisOld French Wallace