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Topic Problematic spelling

Description:Names with problematic spelling, e.g. because the particular forms are mostly viewed as spelled in a wrong way
NameGroupLanguage of OriginLanguages of UseMeaning/Translation or Related WordsUS 2018
GuiseppaJoseph/JosephaHebrewItalianHe (God) will add 
GuiseppeJoseph/JosephaHebrewItalianHe (God) will add 
GuiseppinaJoseph/JosephaHebrewItalianHe (God) will add 
NicollòNicholas/NicoleOld GreekItalianvictory of the people 
SahraSarahHebrewGermanprincess, noblewoman 
SavieroXavier/XaveriaBasqueItalianWords: house / new