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Name Sakura

Kanji writing:    As large picture
Kanji readings: = sakura
Hiragana writing:さくら    As large picture
Hiragana readings: = sa, = ku, = ra
Meaning/translation:cherry blossom
Language of origin:Japanese
Info about origin:first ever female name (almost always) written in Hiragana that got the number 1 spot of the Japanese given name hitparade
Kanji and words:sakura = the cherry blossom, the cherry tree  Japanese
  = the cherry, the cherry blossom  Kanji symbol  This in Wiktionary

Popularity Lists That Contain Sakura

JapanGraph2015 8,  2014 5,  2012 10,  2011 7,  2010 7,  2009 22008 8